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Please follow the below steps to ensure that your paper is included in the final conference proceedings CD.

In order to conclude the publication procedure, you are asked to complete the below steps.

camera-ready papers

  • Camera-Ready papers must be uploaded into the ICST CMC (Conference Management Center) at http://www.icst.org/cmc/. You can use your existing Cocus login to access the CMC.
  • Once logged in, select the conference you wish to upload a Camera-Ready paper for.
  • Fill out ALL information for your paper, and please make sure to double-check for errors before submission.
  • If requested to make changes and re-upload your paper, simply log in and make the necessary changes.

Register for the Conference

  • Please visit https://icst.org/registration/reg_crowncom_2007.php
  • Please register for the conference. PLEASE NOTE, that AT LEAST 1 AUTHOR for each accepted paper must register at full rate (non-student), in order for the paper to be included at the conference and on the Proceedings CD.
  • Please make sure to enter the title and ID number of your paper from CMC.


  • Log into the CMC at http://www.icst.org/cmc/
  • Select the conference you wish to upload a Copyright form for. Once you click on the conference, you will see either a Copyright URL or a fax number and a form you have to download. For IEEE conferences, the Copyright URL will take you to a webpage, where the Copyright will have to be submitted electronically.
  • If you have problem in the previous steps, go to https://icst.org/registration/co_crowncom2007.php and sumbit that form.

Paper Formatting and Details Corrections

  • Formatting guidelines can be found in the Authors Kit on the Conference website.
  • For each paper, if necessary, you will be requested to make formatting changes.
  • Failure to meet the formatting guidelines CAN result in your paper not being included in the Final Proceedings CD, and therefore not be available in any Digital Library or Indexes.

Formatting Guidelines

  • For work-in-progress papers, please add the line "(Work-in-Progress)".
  • For invited papers, please add the line "(Invited Paper)" after the title of your paper.
  • Your paper can be submitted in MS Word DOC, Latex PS, or PDF format. The preferred format is PDF.
  • Failure to meet the formatting guidelines set by IEEE, could result in your paper not being included in the Proceedings CD.
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