ICST Conference
research conference
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ICST Conference

research conference europe communications workshop

Organizing Committee

Title Name Affiliation
General Chairs Rajarathnam Chandramouli
Frederick Martin
Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Motorola, USA
Technical Program Co-Chairs Thomas Hou
Alexander M. Wyglinski
Maziar Nekovee
Virginia Tech, USA
The University of Kansas, USA
BT Research, UK
Sponsorship Co-Chairs Cengiz Evci
Sumit Roy
Alcatel, France
University of Washington
Panel Co-Chairs Jon Peha
Kyutae Lim
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Georgia Tech, USA
Tutorial Co-Chairs Stephen F. Bush
Subir Biswas
GE Research, USA
Michigan State University, USA
Special Sessions Co-Chairs K. P. Subbalakshmi
William Lehr
Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Publicity Co-Chairs Sastry Kompella
Patrick Maille
Stefan Mangold
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
GET/ENST-Bretagne, France
Swisscom, Switzerland
Local Arrangements Chair Mainak Chatterjee University of Central Florida, USA
Web Chair Wenjing Wang University of Central Florida, USA
Publication Chair R. N. Uma North Carolina Central Univ., USA
Administration Chair Kitti H. Kovacs ICST
Steering Committee Imrich Chlamtac (Chair)
Honggang Zhang
Create-Net, Italy
Create-Net, Italy
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