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Panel Discussion

Cognitive Radio Networks: Imagination or Reality?

May 16th, 2008 (morning)


Since coined by Joseph Mitola in 1999, cognitive radio networks have witnessed a tremendous upsurge in the academic research with the expectation that the scarce wireless spectrum which is becoming more and more expensive to acquire will be shared in a more flexible and efficient fashion in cognitive radio networks.

Recently the academic conceptual ideas and studies have been migrating rapidly to cognitive radio system designs in industry, e.g. IEEE 802.22, P1900, IEEE 802.16h, IEEE 802.11y standards, facilitated by the policy makers who have provided the necessary regulatory playground. Cognitive radio networking is viewed as an promising technology introducing new communications and networking models for the whole wireless world, creating better business opportunities for the incumbent operators and new technical dimensions for smaller operators, and helping shape an overall more efficient approach regarding spectrum requirements and usage in next generation wireless networks. It possesses a huge potential to become a true paradigm shifting technology in our telecommunications field.

However, cognitive radio networking so far is still a big dream. In the reality, there are many challenges to overcome before it really takes off. It is still unclear how far we are from the real realization of this opportunism exploited by cognitive radios? Are there any opportunities for immediate and practical applications? How long are we going to wait to see the first product?

A distinguished panel of experts ranging from operators, industry and policy makers, and academia will shed some light on the issues with focus on policy, economics, standards, applications, technologies and deployment aspects of cognitive radio networks. Each of the panelist will be giving a short presentation to identify a couple of areas they deem more critical, more promising or merely more interesting to the realization of the cognitive radio networks before the heat debate.


Francois Chin (I2R, Singapore) - Moderator
Sverrir Olafsson (BT Research Laboratories, UK) Slides
Joseph Evans (University of Kansas, USA) Slides
Tan Geok Leng (IDA, Singapore)
Chang-Joo Kim (ETRI, Korea)
Xia Yang (Huawei, China) Slides
Frederick Martin (Motorola, USA) Slides

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24 March 2008

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15 January 2008

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