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Special Sessions

Special Session on Spectrum Aware Routing for Cognitive Radio Networks


Jie Chen, UESTC, China
A.T. Hoang, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore


Along with the advancement of cognitive radio, different types of network, such as infrastructure network and ad-hoc network, are introduced in the cognitive radio based wireless network architecture. To meet the requirements of multi-hop wireless communications, novel routing mechanism including algorithms and policies is needed for the emerging cognitive radio network. Due to the fact that two nodes within communication range in cognitive radio network may not have a common subset of available spectrum by which they can use to exchange data, the routing in such network becomes much more complicated and difficult than that of conventional wireless networks. Moreover, the available spectrum of each node may vary with time and spatial location, which makes the routing be highly dynamic in cognitive radio network. Then, the potential routing mechanism should be intelligent and robust to the varying wireless magnetic environment. In this special session, we target technical papers dealing with spectrum aware routing for cognitive radio networks.

Special Session on Commercialization of Cognitive Radio System for White Space Applications


Kyutae Lim, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


In commercial wireless services under the current fixed spectrum policy, many spectrum segments, such as the cellular bands, are crowded by big user groups, while nearby spectrum is seldom used. Thus, researchers in wireless technology have been urged to create a new wireless communication system to use spectrum more efficiently. Cognitive Radio (CR) access technology has been proposed as a promising solution for improving the efficiency of spectrum usage by adopting the concept of dynamic spectrum resource management. The CR system is promising not only because it improves the efficiency of spectrum usage, but also because it promises improved connectivity and self-adaptability of the channel environment. The FCC has made the series of significant steps to enable CR, by proposing a rule making it possible for a secondary user to use the Digital TV spectrum, which called white space. Since then, various commercialization efforts with new paradigm are being made to be utilized in the white space. In this special session, state-of-the-art Cognitive Radio technologies for commercialization of white space applications are being presented and discussed by the invited speakers who are involving in the standardization.

Dates & News

Paper Submission
3 Feburary 2008

Acceptance Notification
8 March 2008

Final Manuscripts
24 March 2008

Special Session Proposal
15 December 2007

Tutorial Proposal
15 January 2008

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