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7th International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks

June 18–20, 2012 | Stockholm, Sweden

Ericsson Studio Reception Ericsson Studio


18.15 Welcome reception

18.30 Introduction of the program

18.45 Demonstrations

20.00 End of program

At the Ericsson studio you will have the possibility to experience Ericsson future looking visions and demonstrations of technology concepts. Among other things you will be able to see Network Assisted Device-to-Device, Multi-User MIMO, Carrier Aggregation and Energy efficiency in Heterogeneous Networks.

"Ericsson studio is a multifunctional business environment that reflects the significance of our contribution, quality and innovation power. We tell how we turned possibilities into realities, we show hardware solutions, and above all we show that your visions will become true together with Ericsson. Architecture focuses on people and sen- ses. Spaces are deliberately disruptive rather than perfect. Perfection rarely lea- ves memories. The theme is Backstage. Demos are performed both in open and secluded spaces. There is a large multipurpose theatre, a lounge and café for gatherings and mingling. All construction materials are sustaina- ble and will be reutilized elsewhere. In the end, we offer a delightful and inspiring journey into the Ericsson world."

More information about the Ericsson Studio

Information on Crowncom from Ericsson website.