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11th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks

May 30–June 1, 2016 | Grenoble, France

Plenary Panel Session

The impact of massive IoT deployments in future spectrum use


Several spectrum allocation models are competing for the booming Internet of Things. Sub GHz systems relying on unlicensed spectrum have been widely deployed in the past few years. On the other hands some players operate IoT in licensed bands. In both cases, the boom of IoT brings specific spectrum needs, mostly in the uplink, with sporadic and locally unpredictable profile. Moreover, the device low cost, battery life and deep indoor coverage are demanding requirements for IoT radio access interface with strong implications on the type of spectrum suitable for optimal operation.

This CROWNCOM panel will address the impact of massive IoT in future spectrum use and the available options (licensed, unlicensed and shared licensed spectrum) to support the expected massive deployment of ubiquitous machine type communications in the context of the emergence of 5G.


  • Paulo Marques (Professor and Senior Researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações - Portugal)


  • Christophe Fourtet (Founder and CTO of SIGFOX)
  • Pravir Chawdhry (Scientist at Joint Research Center EC)
  • Jean Schwoerer (IoT Networks project manager at Orange)
  • Luigi Ardito (Director Government Affairs EMENA, Qualcomm)
  • Jaime Afonso (Vice-Chairman of CEPT-ECC, ANACOM)