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12th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks

September 20–21, 2017 | Lisbon, Portugal


Mischa Dohler

Full Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London


Mischa Dohler is full Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, driving cross-disciplinary research and innovation in technology, sciences and arts. He is the Director of the Centre for Telecommunications Research, co-founder of the pioneering smart city company  Worldsensing, Fellow of the IEEE and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), and a Distinguished Member of Harvard Square Leaders Excellence. He acts as policy, technology and entrepreneurship adviser, examples being Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, former Minister David Willetts’ 8 Great Technology Fund, UK Regulator Ofcom, UK Ministries, EPSRC ICT Strategy Advisory Team, European Commission, Tech London Advocate, ISO Smart City working group, and various start-ups.




Jaime Afonso

Vice Chairman of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) of the CEPT.

Head of Department Spectrum Planning and Engineering of ANACOM


Jaime Afonso is working for the Portuguese Regulatory Body in the field of postal communications and electronic communications (ANACOM). He is the Head of a Department responsible for spectrum engineering and frequency planning in Portugal.

He was the Head of Portuguese Delegation Participated as head of delegation of Portugal in several organizations of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) such as at the World Radio Conference (WRC), WRC-07, WRC-12 and WRC-15, European Commission and CEPT.

He has dealt with a wide range of technical and regulatory issues related to spectrum planning for wireless systems. He was appointed as the Chairman of the CEPT Task Group (TG6), dealing with the long-term strategy on the use of UHF band 470-694 MHz which concluded its work in November 2014 by approving CEPT ECC Report 224. Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) of the CEPT.




Jorge Pereira

Principal Scientific Officer at the European Commission


Dr. Jorge Pereira has been responsible for championing Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access collaborative research under the auspices of the European Commission and has been the project officer for a number of cutting edge collaborative research projects. These efforts have brought together leading academics and industrial experts from major manufacturers and operators from across Europe, the United States, Japan, China, India and Brazil.

In addition he has being involved in Industry bodies (CDG Wireless Data Group, NTIA IVHS/ITS Section, UMTS Forum, SDR/Wireless Innovation Forum) and he is member of IEEE and ACM, with a number of editorial responsibilities; actively involved in the organization of a number of major Conferences.